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Terminating Parental Rights

Attorney Advocates Assisting With Termination Of Parental Rights

The bond between parents and children is incredibly strong in most cases. For this reason, Arizona laws create a similarly strong legal bond in the form of parental rights. Once parental rights have been established – through biological relation or the legal process – they are difficult to break. There are situations, however, in which one parent’s rights need to be severed to protect or promote the best interests of the children. These cases can be both legally difficult and emotionally charged. They require the help of a skilled and caring attorney like those at Signature Law Group. If you are a parent seeking to sever the parental rights of your child’s other parent, we may be able to help you.

When Is Involuntary Severance Appropriate?

A parent can choose to voluntarily sever their rights. Cases like this are easy, legally speaking, because the decision is being made voluntarily. However, it is often necessary for one parent to seek the involuntary severance of the other parent’s rights for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Abandonment of the child or children
  • Chronic abuse or neglect
  • Long-term incarceration or institutionalization
  • Inability to responsibly parent because of alcohol and/or drug addiction issues
  • Inability to responsibly parent due to mental illness or mental incapacity
In some cases, parental rights need to be terminated because one parent presents a danger to the children (and often, to the other parent). In other cases, however, rights need to be terminated so that another loving and responsible adult can assume those rights. When the parent who has been single-handedly caring for a child gets married and the stepparent wants to adopt the child, for instance, it is necessary for the other parent’s rights to be terminated, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Representing You And Your Children With Care And Compassion

Cases involving the termination of one parent’s rights are not easy. They can bring up old hurts and tense emotions. Our attorneys understand how sensitive these matters are, and they focus on protecting you and your children throughout the process.

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